Litter 2012

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About breeding

A litter is carefully planned. It includes a lot of looking at pedigrees and health records, long conversations with other breeders and experts, careful consideration of the good and the bad in the combination and countless hours spent in looking for information. I will make a breeding only from combination I would be willing to have a puppy for myself.
   Puppies are raised in a safe home environment. They get a lot of attention and love from us. They will get used to the normal sounds in the house, get outside to have fun and explore the world and they will have a stimulative toys and plays to enhance their upbringing.
   The goal of my breeding is my vision of an ideal cattle dog; a dog with good working spirit, open nature and healthy body. A dog that structurally implements power and durability, that is not too heavy build to be able to jump on a horse's back if needed and to be able to run even for hours, for example when herding a big herd of cattle in Australian terrain or just running beside the owner on a bike ride.


My name is Anna Elvilä. I'm from southern Finland and a second generation breeder; my kennel name Rosebay has been passed on to me from my parents. For that to happen I had to pass breeders course and apply for kennel name transmission. Just for the interest of it I also participated to breeders extention course some time after the first one. New information about dogs and breeding is coming all the time, so I try to read and learn more of the subject continuously.
   Our family includes myself, my husband and two wonderful cattle dogs. We live in a duplex in city of Järvenpää, about 25 kilometers from Finland's capitol Helsinki. Dogs have a small yard to guard for and in summers I`ll try to grow some berries, peas and herbs there. So far I have had enough crop to enjoy, not including the blueberries and strawberries, since the dogs ate them all as soon as they got ripe enough...
   I've had cattle dogs since 2004, before that I've had German Shepherds and a Pinscher. My parents bred Chihuahuas and Papillons. In a cattle dog I love it's working spirit, it's medium size that is excellent for multi-purpose dog and it's coat that can stand any weather.